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How to Identify a “Good” Breeder

It’s a fact that some breeders are far more honest and ethical in their practices than others. Even breeders that people think are reputable, are often not. Sadly, genuinely ethical and reputable breeders are in the minority of breeders as a whole. Read on to see what to expect from a breeder who is genuinely reputable.

  • A reputable breeder will always find homes for their pups far in advance… they are typically reserved before even being born through a waiting list.

  • They get all the puppies fully health checked (by a licensed veterinarian) and vaccinated – you must get proof of this through a health or vaccination record signed by their vet.

  • They require that you fill out an application or provide a background check so they can deem what is a good home for their puppies. They will offer numerous resources for education and preparation on being a dog owner, and support down the road as you raise your pet.

  • The Breeder is able to identify all of their dogs and their personalities to you.

  • Puppies are born and raised in their home, and their adult dogs are accustomed to being in-home.

  • They have testimonials on their website, and if asked can provide references from people who have bought their puppies in the past.

  • If a breeder tears down other breeders… beware. There is a lot of jealousy among breeders. Gossiping about others is a character flaw. Look for a breeder with good character.

  • Google the kennel owners, (ex: Jennifer White, Tony Ortega) to make sure there are no complaints against their person.

  • Read the breeder’s entire website. They have put hundreds of hours into it. They want you to feel like you know them before you meet them. This is so important.

  • If a breeder will not let you tour their kennel… they could be hiding something. Or if they want to “meet up at an exit on the highway”- RUN! FAST! They don’t want you to see something.

  • You should be able to request pedigrees on every single dog they breed. If you don’t see a champion in the first 3-4 generations, it’s most likely a substandard breeder is just “making puppies”. Good breeders are always bringing in sires with championship lines.

  • They post ALL of the health clearance certificates directly on their website with the results for all to see, not only saying that they are “certified”.

  • They have individual pages on all of their dogs to give a look into who that dog really is, with photos and access to videos.

  • Ask them why they are breeding. If they say that they are breeding to “keep the breed to the official breed standard”, then ask why? Do they show passion or know what makes each dog a good example of the breed? No every dog is perfect, but every breeding male or female should have something that they are contributing to the lines in a positive way.

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